Memoir of an Artist

Synopsis of TREASURES
(The Memoir of an Artist)

TREASURES, (The Memoir of an Artist), at 61,500 words, is my inspiring account of survival and success. It will appeal to readers of Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”, Patricia Bosworth’s “The Men in My Life, and anyone afraid to go out on their own to pursue their dreams. 

Lost in a marriage to a medical student in the late 1950s through 70s in Los Angeles, I work to support my husband and our three children to the completion of his training. After years of isolation and being ridiculed for pursuing my own dream of becoming an artist, the woman’s movement gives me courage to leave our 21-year marriage. Except for our home, my husband leaves me penniless. I rebound through my wits and investment acumen, turning my home into a business. 

My story has two threads: my painting and a 12-gauge shot-gun.

I become enraptured in a doomed, wild, love affair inspiring an Erotic Series of paintings, after which I move to New York City, hiding those infamous works of art, not wanting to be typecast. I detail my struggle to find housing, create meaningful works of art, my various processes and the excitement of New York’s Art Scene in the 1980s and 90s. I buy a factory in Tribeca turning it into an art studio and living space, witness at close range the World Trade Center disaster, and live through its aftermath. I fall in love with Hilly Kristal of CBGB rock and roll/country blues fame and talk about the club. 

My sensual paintings are re-discovered and exhibited by a New York art dealer who proclaims them to be my treasures